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Search engines are there to offer their users the best information. Search Engines are impressed by the relevance of your content, not your design. New websites are often created with the emphasis on design, and although they look good, they often don’t say enough.

Web Pages
The copy on your web page will have a huge impact, not only on search engine rankings, but on actual visitors to your site.
SEO copywriting has two purposes:

  • It is there to provide information about your products and services to readers with the purpose of converting them from visitors to customers.
  • It is there to persuade search engines that your site is  what their searchers are looking for, and encourage them to rank you more highly in a given search.

Successful SEO copywriting needs to emphasize specific keywords, while ensuring that the copy is readable and converts visitors to enquirers.
At SEO-Copywriter we will help you achieve a web-site that appeals to both.

  • Research - It is vital to know exactly what you want to say before you think about how you want to say it. We will help you plan your pages so that each has a clear and separate focus. This then makes it easier for us to find the keywords that are most important to each particular page and topic.
  • Copy – Once you know what you want to say, it can still be difficult getting it across. SEO-Copywriter will produce copy that is easy to understand, relevant to the topic, and of course, attractive to the search engines.
  • The details – We understand the importance of even the shortest copy. Our service includes ALL the copy on your page, things like navigation menus, links, or even their newsletter subscription offers are copy and therefore require careful consideration. This kind of copy is one of the most valuable tools you have.

Article writing is an important SEO tool, but as with all other aspects of SEO, it is important to get it right.
A bad article is worse than no article at all. The same elements of copywriting that apply to web pages are relevant to article writing. You want them to be informative and interesting enough to get the reader to click through to your website.
Our article writing service will produce articles that work to do just that.
We also understand the importance of having your articles where they can be found, and we can submit your articles to a number of journals on your behalf.

Press Releases
Press Releases have long been a powerful marketing tool, but until recently only available to major corporations. The internet has changed all that and the power of press releases is now available to small businesses too.
A press release must be correctly constructed and targeted. Large corporations have public relations or marketing departments that write their press releases. Small businesses must ensure that their press releases are equally well-written.

Writing newsletters is another option that is now available to small businesses. It is a useful way of maintaining contact with existing and past clients, and a valuable SEO tool for acquiring new ones.
SEO-Copywriter can write newsletters for you on a regular basis, or just as you need them.
All of our copy-writing services can be done based on your research, or we can do the research on your behalf.

We are a small business who understands the needs and constraints of small businesses and all our services are flexible, and we are always available to talk to our clients on the phone.
Please give us a call or send us an email to discuss your website marketing and copywriting needs.


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