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More SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Good copy is very important to your SEO campaign but it does need to be backed up by other SEO strategies

  1. Keyword Selection – a simple term for a vital process. At SEO-Copywriter we see this as the cornerstone of your whole SEO and marketing campaign. We will help you define your marketing objectives and once you have a strong and clear idea of these we will then move on to the actual keyword selection. This process should never be seen as one-off and constant monitoring of your search engine results should result in your keywords being honed and refined. and even your copywriting will be based on these results.

  2. On-page Optimization - No matter how well you rank in search engines or how many visitors you attract to your site, the ultimate measure of your success is in keeping them there. On-page optimization helps you achieve this. The following is a list of things to help you achieve a well optimized page.
    • Title – This needs to be useful and compelling. No more than 9 or 10 words that sum up who you are and what you do. Keywords need to be carefully considered.
    •  Description Tag  - Your description tag is there to tell people why they should visit your page. Avoid cheesy sales slogans and focus on providing relevant information.
    • Keywords meta tag - Considered of limited value, but simple enough to achieve so why not! There is nothing to lose by including your most important keywords.
    • On-Site Navigation – Yes, even your navigation system should be properly optimized. Why link to “Shop” when you could link to “Bubble Bath Shop” (assuming you actually sell bubble bath!)   
    •  Keywords attached to any images – These are very important to visitors and search engines. Short and concise, but meaningful even without the image.
    • Keywords in your Text – Keyword repetition and keyword density can cause more problems than they solve. Try to keep your copy relevant - no more than 4 keywords or phrases per page. Every page should have a purpose, and your copy should stick to that purpose. If you have something more to say, create another page. Keep it readable - keep it simple – keep it focused
  3. Link Building - Link building can be time consuming. It should be seen as a long term project, and one that benefits most from an ongoing and methodical system. Although it is the foundation of your website marketing strategy, and should be seen as an on-going task, link-building cannot work alone. It must be seen as one part of your overall marketing campaign. EO Copywriter offers a month by month link building package. We recommend a minimum of between 3 and 6 months. We are a small team based in the UK, and available to talk to our clients. ur link building package includes a report showing actual links to your site, as opposed to submissions made.  link-building package can be built to suit your budget and your needs.

  4. Local Link Building – As with general link building, local link building can be of immense value. Local link building is especially effective for small businesses whose sales come from within their local area. Traditional methods of advertising are now becoming less effective, and most local newspapers and directories now have an on-line version. Search engines can now offer search results by very specific geographic locations, and your business needs to be there. Local link building is also far more cost-effective than other forms of local advertising. SEO-Copywriter will produce a local link-building package which can greatly improve your rankings in local searches.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and we sometimes overlook the fact that people are going to read this copy too. So once we’ve got our page suitably optimized, let’s go back and pretend search engines don’t exist - all we have to rely on is visitor recommendations. Now read through your page, and if it meets this objective you are well on the way to a successful website.


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